Security Awareness Using the NLP Technique | Jedi Session

Jedi Session: Security Awareness Using the NLP Technique

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been a popular coaching and mental reframing technique since it was developed in the 70s. In this Jedi Session, Noha Amin takes us through how it can be used to improve security awareness in high-regulation organisations.

With a background in security awareness for legal firms, Noha talks us through the four pillars of NLP, the three key focuses of creating this awareness throughout your organisation, and how all of these things tie together.

In this 11-minute video you will learn:

  • The four pillars of NLP
  • How NLP ties into workplace security awareness and training
  • The importance of adapting language and methodologies based on someone’s seniority and the complexities of their role
  • Managing security throughout the supply chain
  • Security awareness vectors