How to Engineer the Future | Jedi Session

Jedi Session: How to Engineer the Future

Software and product engineering teams can all too often get stuck in procrastinating cycles, awaiting the perfect rollout or the perfect final product. Agile is here to help you get unstuck.

In this Jedi Session, Dion Kalimeris (Software, Data Engineering & Digital Transformation Director at Talk Talk) explains how the Agile approach to development works, why we need it, and how it can scale operations in your business.

Watch this session to learn:

  • How to build a technical solution around business problems
  • The difference between squads, scrums, and sprints
  • How these three things tie together to allow your teams to create excellent products
  • How Agile helps you to scale up product development
  • What you need to consider in order to design your squads and sprint cadences with the customer and product scale in mind