De-risk by digital – What should a CIO focus on? | Jedi Session

Jedi Session: De-risk by digital – What should a CIO focus on?

In this volatile, unpredictable world, investors and shareholders look for as much certainty and stability as possible. Revenue, customers, employees, and cost are all critical to an organisation’s success.

In this Jedi Session, David Threlfall, Vice President IT & Digital, Britishvolt demonstrates how digital can de-risk an organisations approach across all operations and provide a solid backing for a business’s strategic and tactical decisions, ultimately attracting more investment and the best talent in the industry.

Watch this video to learn:

  • How a CIO can de-risk a company with digital
  • Engaging your Executive
  • How to become a digital champion for your organisation
  • Utilising digital to achieve ESG targets
  • Recognising the full potential that digital provides to a company with modelling, collaboration, and simulation