5 Building Blocks for a Successful Cloud Strategy | Jedi Session

Jedi Session: 5 Building Blocks for a Successful Cloud Strategy

Whether you want to introduce more tech to your customer experience, migrate to Microsoft Azure, or start leveraging AI in your business, you must create a strategy and understand why you are doing it.

Without a why, your strategy will fall through. In this Jedi Session, James Donavan (Microsoft Practice Director at Advanced) takes us through a clear and simple five-stage process to create your cloud implementation or migration strategy with all senior stakeholders on board.

Watch this 11-minute video to learn:

  • The importance of your why (and why it is the foundation of your strategy)
  • How to map out technical and IT outcomes
  • How to measure the success of your digital transformation
  • What are the “golden rules” of cloud strategy
  • And what this all means for the future of your business