HR in Digital Age

HR in Digital Age

Human Resources is all about the recruitment, development, and retention of talent.

Across all industries, HR is one of the departments that are most affected by digitization – via big data analytics, social networks or mobile solutions.

Today, HR is empowered with digital technologies to tackle sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, analyze workforce data, spot performance, and skills gaps and enable the workforce to outperform.

Mobility solutions are enabling employers to access and engage with candidates when and where they prefer. Companies can now provide access to processes, infrastructure, and systems that allow employees the same level of productivity as if they were in the office, who are traveling, working remotely, or during off hours.

Workforce analytics is used to screen the right candidates, determine the areas of training in which company must invest and identify employees who are likely to churn.

Unlike digital immigrants, today’s workforce is not after the gold watch and lifelong position. They will not stay in the organization if HR processes are hectic, stringent and not social. It is crucial to enable your workforce to keep pace with the change as well.

  • Today, millennials are making more than 40% of the workforce.
  • Their expectations are changing. Long term for them is less than 3 years.
  • Job hopping and career shifts are new normal
  • Providing them with learning and innovation opportunities is the key to retention

Here are some tips for digitizing HR to become the front leader of the organization

  • Foster a culture that inspires innovation leading digital change which creates the ultimate employee satisfaction
  • Digitize & automate HR administrative tasks which do not have any employee touch points
  • Create an experience for employees as if you are treating consumers, make them feel special
  • Incorporate Mobile and social capabilities in the HR functions

Digital promises to re-position HR as the driver of employee engagement and align the workforce who would be self-motivated to achieve the company mission.

The digital age has changed a lot of aspects of our professional as well as personal lives. The future is now… and it is all about people, so HR digitization is extremely important !!

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