How to conduct a Digital Transformation Workshop?

How to conduct a Digital Transformation Workshop?

Digital disruption is really fast.

The change it brings is sweeping the business landscape at such a furious pace that old ways of thinking are not relevant today.

Organizations are under tremendous pressure to improve the way they leverage data to make the right decisions and improve services for your customers

At the heart of every business is its customer. The very purpose of the business is to get a customer and keep it for a lifetime. Yet how many businesses truly align their entire organization around the customer and the customer’s experience with their business?

We all know the industry examples of AirBnB disrupting hotels, Uber disrupting taxis, Netflix in the media and the list goes on.

So how do you achieve this great level of digital transformation?

Well, the best way is to call all business and IT stakeholders and conduct a workshop to ascertain where you stand as of now and then decide where you want to go.

Here is how you should conduct the workshop:

  • Assess the digital maturity of your organization and study the competition is going right to find out where you are today
  • Educate the C suites and senior management on digital concepts & cross-industry opportunities to see where you want to be
  • Elaborate with examples how leaders and competitors are using digital to advance themselves
  • Understand the customer journey with all the customer touch points of your business, their needs
  • Brainstorm & Identify the opportunities to fill the gaps with digital technologies
  • Design a simple Framework on where to start and what to do next
  • Discuss the examples of similar industry customer’s Digital Business Transformation and how they began their process
  • Formulate a full-fledged digital strategy that covers all aspects of innovation
  • Prioritize the solutions based on quick wins, impact on the business, investments required and risk associated with them
  • Assign the accountability of who will execute the plan
  • Put a governance in place for right KPI measurements

Here are major takeaways from the digital workshop:

  • Opportunities to increase the productivity by enterprise-wide data sharing and collaboration
  • Ways to deliver operational efficiencies with real-time data analytics
  • How to innovate and grow with advanced analytics to uncover new markets
  • Surefire ways to provide exceptional customer experience

If you do this right with proper metrics to track, the digital transformation of your organization will be smooth.

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