Highlights from Microsoft //Build/ 2016, Epicenter | 10th Magnitude

Highlights from Microsoft //Build/ 2016, Epicenter | 10th Magnitude


10th Magnitude consultants Scott Nowicki and Nate Burleson attended Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer conference and came away thinking, ”It’s a new Microsoft, for sure. It’s a different company.” In this video, they share their top Build highlights in a lunch and learn session with the 10th Magnitude team.

Microsoft covered a wide range of technology developments at Build related to its “mobile first, cloud first” focus, including cognitive services development, application development strategies and projects, and the expansion of data and business intelligence analytics suites in Azure. With more focus on driving application development and businesses into the cloud, Microsoft brought a new clarity to the Azure platform that empowers all levels of companies.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4pX3Nhxxgk]

Other exciting developments from Microsoft include:

  • Ubuntu on Windows
  • Visual Studio on Mac
  • Full Powershell porting to Linux
  • .NET Core on Linux
  • Azure Stack for hybrid scenarios
  • Red Hat Enterprise co-supported with Red Hat
  • Xbox Dev Kits
  • DocumentDB
  • Open source partnerships with Unity, Jetbrains and Red Hat
  • Cortana Bots
  • Azure Functions
  • … and more!


If you have any questions for Scott and Nate about Build 2016 or any of these topics, you can reach out to them at snowicki@10thmagnitude.com and nburleson@10thmagnitude.com.


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