Fun with IoT, The Manhattans Project | 10th Magnitude

Fun with IoT, The Manhattans Project | 10th Magnitude

In this episode of 10th Magnitude’s “Manhattans Project,” I’m joined by VP of Cloud Solutions, Brian Blanchard, who took some time to discuss the ever expanding world of the Internet of Things.
What is the Internet of Things? How does Azure empower it and the engineers behind it? Can it ACTUALLY save lives?
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Michael: Can you give us a quick high level on how Azure and IoT are related? What in Azure empowers people to implement IoT projects?
Brian: In my opinion IoT is the next cloud. It’s right at the precipice as emerging as a technology and is rapidly changing. What the cloud does to facilitate that, is that there is a collection of tools in Azure called the “IoT Hub.” That contains service bus, hubs, and all these other technical pieces. Essentially what they do is enable this flow of communication from devices in the field to a central location, to some form of business intelligence and then back out to users or the devices themselves.
A great example of that is, let’s say that I have a watch that counts how many steps I take. It’s great if I can see how many steps I take, but if everybody is wearing a watch and we send all of that data to the cloud, a doctor could take that data and assimilate it. They could find out what patients are most at risk of diabetes due to lack of activity. Who isn’t getting enough exercise aligned with medical treatment? And they can see that from a centralized console in Azure as all that data comes together in real time.
The power of IoT and what [Azure] enables is that I can get that data from the field to a person who can really asses that data and make sense of it so much faster.


As an extra bonus, Brian provided some hands-on demonstrations of IoT case studies and explained how Azure and IoT is literally saving lives! Don’t miss out on these exciting solution studies.
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