Whose Teams are you on? | Tuesday, 23rd February 2021 | Online
  • Whose Teams are you on?

  • Tuesday, 23rd February 2021
  • Registration: 14:55 to 16:30
  • Location: Online
  • Registration Closed

The great thing about ubiquitous tools is that everybody knows them. Especially in times of uncertainty, relying on familiar tools can make life simpler. Microsoft’s performance in the business applications sphere is arguably second to none, and its communications and collaboration tool Teams is a handy addition to the 365 suite. Does this make Teams a one-stop shop for business communications? That might depend on how much you use your voice. It’s not widely known that Teams is not all-encompassing.

Microsoft is a new player in the cloud collaboration game and does not yet offer the industry’s best in class, tried and tested application. While the product is evolving rapidly, there are gaps in the offering, most notably the voice platform; the administrator user experience, ease of access to detailed analytics, limited calling plan coverage, and guaranteed uptime SLAs. And calling plans are expensive.

Over 80% of organisations using Microsoft Teams strengthen their telephony capabilities through Direct Routing, which can deliver better resilience and quality, tracked by robust analytics. Direct Routing delivers all the features expected from an enterprise-grade phone system but removes the need to install and maintain an on-premises phone system and rely on expensive Microsoft calling plans. So what options do businesses really have?

Join RingCentral and an intimate group of IT thought leaders for a virtual discussion on how businesses can get the most out of their Microsoft Teams application. Discussion will focus on Microsoft’s own calling plans, Direct Routing as a service options, and an enhanced telephony service option using a cloud PBX overlay. Business representatives will also discuss how they can help users to be more productive, and their companies more efficient, through integrations and cost reductions.

Pascal Coignet, Senior Manager Solutions Engineering, RingCentral

End User Workflow & Integrations

Pascal Coignet manages the EMEA Solutions Engineering team for RingCentral. In this role, he's responsible for driving a group of passionate engineers to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Having spent more than 10 years in various technical roles, Pascal believes Solutions Engineering is crucial to ensuring customer requirements are captured, scored and demonstrated. Pascal is an advocate of creating an agile working environment, optimising knowledge and employing foresight. In his day-to-day duties, Pascal strives to deliver the highest level of quality and experience for colleagues and customers.

Event Chair: Christine Ashton, CEO, Cogventive

Christine regularly advises executives on the technical, business strategy and deployment aspects of transformational change. She was recently a delivery partner for a global separation programme, which successfully delivered an’ intelligent enterprise’ transformation leveraging S/4 HANA and Model company accelerators. She is an experienced CIDO with a considerable amount of International and large-scale blue-chip experience in oil and gas; energy and utilities; transport; Information services, global chemicals; logistics; retail; telecom and customer service industries. Christine is an Independent Non-Executive (INED) director with the UK’s Payments Operator, Pay.UK and BACS, she chairs the industry’s New Payments Architecture Committee. She has previously held INED roles with H.M Home Office and advisory roles with leading technology companies and start-up techs.