Transforming Meetings | Wednesday, 8th of May | Virtual
  • Transforming Meetings

  • Creating a Thinking Environment
  • Wednesday, 8th of May
  • 1.00pm - 2.00pm
  • Location: Virtual
  • Registration Closed

How often do you find yourself stuck in unproductive meetings where few people contribute? Meetings where your ideas go unheard, and innovation rarely happens? Meetings where people are distracted, texting on their phones or looking at their watches?

Imagine instead meetings where everyone contributes, ideas and innovation flow, impactful decisions are made, and you leave feeling inspired and motivated to take the next steps.

In this Transforming Meetings session, you’ll learn tips to help you say goodbye to mundane meetings and instead create a Thinking Environment® to unlock the full potential of your team’s collective thinking.

Key Takeaways:

  • Invites that ignite people’s curiosity before the meeting starts
  • Rules that increase engagement of attendees
  • Actions that generate good thinking from all participants
  • Techniques that reduce group think
  • Steps that remove untrue assumptions that otherwise cloud judgement

Our Keynote Sessions

Anneke Panman, Director of Coaching, Agile Delta Consulting

A physicist turned agile coach at Agile Delta Consulting, Anneke is described as “genuinely transforming the mindset of team members to truly embrace a more positive and flexible approach”. Anneke focuses on igniting transformational thinking by creating an environment where people think for themselves with rigour, imagination and courage, generating innovation and creativity. As a trained Time To Think coach, facilitator, and trainer, she has creative views on getting people to do their best thinking. This generates innovation and inspiration that leads to value being delivered to customers. What matters most is setting businesses up for success by enabling people to use the skills, knowledge and abilities they were recruited for.

Event Chair: Giles Lindsay, CIO & NED

Giles Lindsay is a technology executive, business agility coach, and CEO of Agile Delta Consulting Limited. Giles has a track record in driving digital transformation and technological leadership. He has adeptly scaled high-performing delivery teams across various industries, from nimble startups to leading enterprises. His roles, from CTO or CIO to visionary change agent, have always centred on defining overarching technology strategies and aligning them with organisational objectives.   Giles is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI), the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (FBCS), and The Institution of Analysts & Programmers (FIAP). His leadership across the UK and global technology companies has consistently fostered innovation, growth, and adept stakeholder management. With a unique ability to demystify intricate technical concepts, he’s enabled better ways of working across organisations.   Giles’ commitment extends to the literary realm with his book: “Clearly Agile: A Leadership Guide to Business Agility”. This comprehensive guide focuses on embracing Agile principles to effect transformative change in organisations. An ardent advocate for continuous improvement and innovation, Giles is unwaveringly dedicated to creating a business world that prioritises value, inclusivity, and societal advancement.