The tech talent wars and diversity | Thursday, 21st April 2022 | Virtual
  • The tech talent wars and diversity

  • Thursday, 21st April 2022
  • 12.55pm to 2pm
  • Location: Virtual
  • Registration Closed

The last two years have taught us about flexible working and how to make it work for the business. Flexible working is more than working from home. Organisations are now looking at shared parental leave, childcare, holiday arrangements and 4-day work weeks. The new remote and hybrid ways of working and collaborating are opening up more opportunities to approach things differently and change roles.

Changing attitudes to flexible working could be key to attracting, retaining and developing tech talent. Should we care where people are located? Are company culture and sense of belonging still important? Are we too obsessed with STEM and coding skills or should we put more emphasis on attitude and emotional intelligence and change the perception of what an ‘IT person’ looks like?

Our Keynote Sessions

Barbara Gottardi, Chief Executive Officer, WEDLVR

Barbara is a long-standing Chief Information Officer who wants to use her 20 years of experience at a top 10 global bank and the world’s largest mutual fund organisation to help and support smaller institutions. Her extensive experience across technology and commercial operations to create and deliver the strategy for internal and external customers. Managed globally distributed teams of over 1,000 and £200 million plus budgets. Having lived the big corporate experience with all the ‘ups and downs’ that come with it, she now wants to transition from Executive roles to advisory and non-executive ones where she can use her learning and experience to support smaller organisation and give back! Barbara is a positive and strategic thinker with a record of successful deliveries across the globe and have partnered with companies big and small to achieve that success. In particular, she is proud of having worked with and promoted a number of smaller fintechs and digital services organisations who believe had what it takes to succeed and deserved greater recognition opportunity – something that is not easy in to achieve in large monolithic organisations.

Event Chair: Dax Grant, CEO at Global Transform

Dax Grant is CEO at Global Transform, a consultancy enabling FTSE and Fortune CEOs and Executives to catalyse business results through exceptional enterprise leadership, entrepreneurialism and harnessing technology advantage. Previously she was the CIO Global Operations at HSBC and prior to that Director for Operations at Macmillan, accountable for the management of the function and delivering technology deployments within the core infrastructure. Listed in the Global CIO 100, Dax holds extensive Board experience: Executive and Commercial Boards, Regulatory and Compliance Committees within Fortune 500, FTSE, not for profit organisations.