How to Choose the Right Cloud Data Option for your Business | Thursday, 11th March 2021 | Online
  • Minimising risk in moving business critical databases to the cloud

  • How to Choose the Right Cloud Data Option for your Business?
  • Thursday, 11th March 2021
  • Registration: 12:25 - Close 14:00
  • Location: Online
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Considering moving your business-critical databases to the cloud? For CIOs, security has topped the list of concerns when it comes to navigating this journey. Business-critical databases are the crown jewels of our data estate. They house the most valuable data organisations hold. Any compromise would cause huge business impact.


What factors should CIOs consider when evaluating cloud platforms to house business-critical databases? Join leading Freeform Dynamics Analyst, Bryan Betts, Chris Buckel, VP at Silk, and Gaurav Gupta, VP Global Infrastructure and Security at Farfetch to explore further. This session will highlight the potential risks involved with moving to the public cloud and evaluate the key cloud vendors on where they stand on these risks. Learn how to keep your cloud environment both agile and cost-effective.


• Explore options for hosting business-critical databases.

• Assess the risks involved with using the cloud.

• Understand the differences in cloud performance.

• Learn what’s involved with migrating to the cloud.


Our Keynote Sessions

Bryan Betts, Principal Analyst, Freeform Dynamics

CIO survey: How cloudy is the future of the business-critical relational database?

How well is your on-site database and storage infrastructure handling the load, as data volumes rise and as more and more business activity moves online? What challenges and opportunities do you see in moving these workloads to the public cloud instead? More importantly, can it yield the high performance needed to re-home your business-critical relational database applications – and could the move truly be cost-effective? We surveyed CIOs for their experiences and expectations with both the public cloud and with business-critical databases. Whether it’s access to peer thinking you need or just a sanity-check for your own planning, join me here for a preview of the survey results.

Chris Buckel, Vice President of Business Development, Silk

The Public Cloud Wants Your Databases. What now?

Your business-critical databases are the crown jewels of your data estate. They contain the most valuable data your organisation has, which is why they often reside on expensive products like Oracle, SQL Server and DB2. Choosing a new home for them in the public cloud can be a monumental task. CIOs and CTOs need to consider factors such as application performance, vendor lock-in, database license exposure and how to retain enterprise-class levels of availability… while all the time balancing the need to control costs. In this session, we’ll review the potential risks to consider when evaluating your options, appraise the major cloud vendors on where they stand with these risks, and form a plan for ensuring that your database workloads in the public cloud stay both agile and cost-effective in the cloud.

Gaurav Gupta, VP Global Infrastructure & Security, Farfetch

Running Databases in the Cloud – From the Trenches

It can be really daunting to imagine running databases in the cloud if you are not a cloud native company. But data is no longer sitting in monolithic databases anymore. It is spread out and distributed in multiple system and cloud offers a compelling value proposition of a scale out architecture to host this ever-growing data. In this session, I would share some of the learnings of running large scale database workloads in a secure and scalable manner in the cloud environments.

Event Chair: Mignon Mapplebeck (MBA), CIO, SEE Consulting

Mignon Mapplebeck (MBA, B.Comm, MSP, AEA) is an award-winning Management Consultant, skilled in AI, Digital and Analytics transformation with experience in CxO IT Strategy and Advisory. She has 10+ years in programme direction and management and is a qualified IT architect. She has performed programme health checks, advised on Digital Transformation and IT specific organisation design. She has overseen numerous IT mergers and acquisitions, led large international teams in transformation including digital and cloud solutions and is passionate about all things Digital, AI and Analytics.