Mapping devices, apps and data for zero trust endpoint security | Tuesday, 22nd February 2022 | Online
  • Mapping devices, apps and data for zero trust endpoint security

  • Tuesday, 22nd February 2022
  • Registration 2.25pm to 4pm
  • Location: Online
  • Registration Closed

Cybersecurity has become key priority for any CIO or IT leaderThe proliferation of remote working, cloud services and personal devices put an end to managed corporate devices and the firewalled company network or VPNOrganisations are moving to zero-trust security models to effectively secure devices, applications, users and data regardless of location. Mapping your endpoints is the first requirement to get there. This session will explore

  • why asset management is foundational to many security frameworks
  • why asset management is a problem and what to do about it
  • what approaches to asset management work and don’t work

Our Keynote Sessions

Jean-Christophe Gaillard, Managing Director and Founder, Corix Partners

Jean-Christophe Gaillard is Founder and Managing Director of Corix Partners, a London-based boutique management consultancy firm and thought-leadership platform focused on assisting CIOs and other C-level executives in resolving cybersecurity strategy, organisation and governance challenges. He is a leading consultant, senior executive and global cyber security influencer with over 25 years of experience developed in several financial institutions in the UK and continental Europe, including Rabobank and BNP Paribas. JC Gaillard is author of Cyber Security: The Lost Decade, a security governance handbook for the CISO and CIO.

Chris Cochran, Cybersecurity Expert and Advocate, Axonius

Redefining the Role of Asset Management in Cybersecurity

The line between IT and security is blurring. Seemingly overnight, a foundational understanding of what devices, users, and cloud instances exist has jumped in priority for CISOs.

Even with an overwhelming array of tools, IT and security teams struggle to manage and secure a complex sprawl of devices, users, cloud services, and software.

In this session, you’ll hear Chris Cochran explain why asset management is still such a challenge and how the full context of all assets at any given time can be understood by leveraging existing data. See how we can move away from reactive, disruptive, day-to-day firefighting to focus on the bigger picture.

Chris Cochran is a Cybersecurity Expert and Advocate at Axonius by day and producer/host of the award-winning Hacker Valley Studio podcast by night. Chris is a prior active-duty US Marine Corps intelligence, which led him to a career in cybersecurity that he has dedicated to building and leading advanced cybersecurity missions at organizations such as the National Security Agency, US Cyber Command, Mandiant and Netflix. His ultimate passion is finding and amplifying human stories in cybersecurity to inspire and enlighten our community.

Alfonso Razzi, Chief Information Officer at Toto Holding SPA

Alfonso is a change catalyst and technology ambassador with the mission to fully redefine the way the technology supports the various businesses at Toto Holding, a large and widely diversified organization in the market of motorway concessions, road and rail construction, renewable energy and engineering design. Previously he was CIO at CityJet in Dublin, Emirates in Dubai and Air One in Italy. Before that he worked eight years for Accenture across Europe.

Event Chair: Sarah Janes, Managing Director, Layer 8 Ltd

Sarah has spent her career managing, delivering and creating security behaviour change programmes. Both from the inside, as BT’s Security Communications Manager to consulting and running programmes for large international businesses. Sarah has developed new methods for changing behaviour putting conversation back at the heart and executing successful long-lasting Champions Programmes.  Sarah is now owner and founder at Layer 8 Ltd, a business dedicated to enabling every person and every organisation to become Champions of Security, where she continues to focus on developing practical methods businesses can use to create secure cultures. Since founding the business in 2015 Sarah has delivered programmes for some of the world’s most prestigious brands and is a regular speaker and contributor on security culture, behaviour, and awareness.