Managing Technical Debt to avoid Business Inertia | Tuesday, 10th November 2020 | Virtual
  • Managing Technical Debt to avoid Business Inertia

  • Framing IT Cost controls and Pricing Models to Finance and the board
  • Tuesday, 10th November 2020
  • 12:55 - 14:00
  • Location: Virtual
  • Registration Closed

Cost Control and Pricing Models can shine light on your Governance, Reduce Technical Debt, improve Service and reinvigorate ailing Programmes and help your organisation Plan a Bright Future Illuminated by Tech.

Those in an IT leadership role have been busy, not only have you been driving the business to become digital you have also had to rapidly transform your business to a future of more flexibility in the workplace. However, now is the time that you need to communicate that to the board and by communicating full life costing will help reduce technical waste.

Our Keynote Speakers

Daljit Banger, Senior Architect, Seat Consulting Ltd

Technical Debt - Why it is important

CEO of Seat Consulting (UK) 35 years solid IT Industry experience, having undertaken assignments in the USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Hong Kong, Brazil to name but a few, on behalf of large multi-national companies. My focus has always been that of the realisation of Enterprise/Solution Systems Architecture and turning around failing IT projects, Architectural practices, rejuvenating, rescuing and delivering value from Architecture teams embedded within blue chip organisations. Creating and sharing content of value I hope.

Christine Ashton, CEO, Cogventive

Christine regularly advises executives on the technical, business strategy and deployment aspects of transformational change.  She was recently a delivery partner for a global separation programme, which successfully delivered an’ intelligent enterprise’ transformation leveraging S/4 HANA and Model company accelerators.  She is an experienced CIDO with a considerable amount of International and large-scale blue-chip experience in oil and gas; energy and utilities; transport; Information services, global chemicals; logistics; retail; telecom and customer service industries. Christine is an Independent Non-Executive (INED) director with the UK’s Payments Operator, Pay.UK and BACS, she chairs the industry’s New Payments Architecture Committee.  She has previously held INED roles with H.M Home Office and advisory roles with leading technology companies and start-up techs.

Ian Golding, CIO

Until recently, Ian was the Interim CIO at The Natural History Museum, developing the Technology Strategy and Vision to support its dual role as a centre of excellence in leading scientific research and as a world leading museum. In 2017 as the RNLI’s first CIO (Interim), Ian created the Institution’s first digital, information and technology strategy including new capability for fundraising, predictive analytics and data-based insights that helped the RNLl to break the chain of events that can tragically lead to drowning. Ian has held recent posts as Interim IT Director at Southern Housing Group with prior to roles including as Group CIO, Data Privacy Officer and Senior Partner for The ERM Group through its largest growth phase over 4 private equity cycles, to 5,200 staff across 140 offices worldwide.