How to Reboot Stalling Cloud Migration Projects | Wednesday, 14th April | Online
  • Put Life Back Into Cloud Migration Projects

  • Wednesday, 14th April
  • Registration: 12:25 - Close 14:00
  • Location: Online
  • Registration Closed

Different industries have invested millions of pounds in migrating their workloads to the public clouds, but there are many pitfalls in the journey and the majority of workloads remain on-premise. Many organisations are finding that, despite best efforts and intentions, the strategy they are executing upon is not realising the intended benefits in the expected timescale or for the budgeted cost. This session will explore the top reasons why cloud migrations stall and how organisations can reboot their efforts and get back on track.

We will be covering:

  • Preparing a successful Cloud Migration from the beginning
  • Coping with the talent pipeline; making sure you have the right team in place, despite the huge skill shortage
  • Making sure your cloud migration project is properly financed
  • What to do during a project to better improve its outcome when currently, it is struggling


Our Keynote Sessions

Gerald Hentschel, Head of IT, Western Union International Bank & Western Union Payment Services Ireland Ltd

Cloud Quest – the many puzzle pieces to a global cloud migration

Cloud migrations may typically start with the simple goal of technology modernization. We highlight on our example how through many false starts product and external inputs lead to a quest re-inventing the organisation and driving the change of business and product models. The migration to cloud has gone through many changes - from fully native to balanced multi cloud strategies, the influence of regulatory perceptions and restrictions to empty promises of technology vendors and the hunt for skilled talent we emerge with new communication and governance practices substantially transformed people and technology strategies and a new direction for a 170-year-old organisation.

Matthew Parkins, Director of Technology, Advanced

After many years with Rackspace and SCC, I am now the Technical Director at Advanced. My role within the Managed Services division is to own and drive our technical, product and go-to-market strategies, as well as leading our Pre-Sales Solutions and Service Architects.

André Simm, Chief Information Officer, Voyage Care

An internationally experienced IT Director, André specialises in transformation and turnaround of operations whilst being accountable for P&L delivery. André has a proven track record of recovering service and financial performance of multi-million-pound IT services, improving quality and profitability of service contracts, rebuilding customer confidence, business growth, negotiating and delivering new contracts, and leading programmes of change. He is highly skilled in driving successful transformation projects, innovation and cost reduction through organisations of all sizes, with a proven ability to engage business customers and IT alike to translate strategy into quantifiable results delivering increased customer satisfaction, service quality, revenue and profit. Entrepreneurial, with a talent for getting things done, and a real passion for business efficiency through applied technology, André is able to quickly create roadmaps for success and with them top performing teams with a clear vision, focus and ability to deliver. Through consultancy, interim leadership and non-exec roles he works with organisations to transform and turnaround performance of their IT services with tried and tested methodologies.

Event Chair: David Threlfall, IT Director, Hexcel Corporation

A senior IT Professional who is nothing short of enthusiastic about digital transformation. He tirelessly looking at how best Technology can support the delivery of corporate objectives and adding value to business products and services. Developing digital transformation strategies and road maps for businesses in a secure and cost effective manner. Building IT teams who appreciate and support the ethos of 'Information and technology enabled business change'. David is passionate about maximising the benefit of Cloud technologies in support of wider business benefit. He has significant International business and IT transformation exposure , management of complex business and digital change programmes.