Future-proofing Your Business: Building Scalable Integration | Wednesday, 17th of July | Online
  • Future-proofing Your Business: Building Scalable Integration

  • Wednesday, 17th of July
  • 1.00pm-2.00pm
  • Location: Online
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As businesses expand and adapt, the necessity for scalable and adaptable integration solutions approaches grows. Organisations ensure the future resilience of their operations by strategically implementing scalable, extensible, cloud-native integration and “democratized” architectures. These architectures facilitate seamless integration across systems, enabling businesses to swiftly adapt to evolving demands and technologies and empowering strategic initiatives such as automation, digital transformation, application modernization and AI. By prioritising scalability and flexibility in integration strategies, companies lay a robust foundation for sustained growth and competitiveness in an ever-changing business landscape.

In this session with Massimo, we will learn the following;

  • Strategies
  • Business Benefits of Integration Strategies
  • Integration Strategy Design Principles
  • Integration Technology Strategy
  • Integration Strategy Delivery Models

Our Keynote Sessions

Massimo Pezzini, Head of Research, Future of the Enterprise, Workato

Massimo has 45 years of experience in the IT market and spent the last 25 years at leading research analyst firm Gartner as Vice President Analyst. At Gartner, Massimo played a leading role in some of the most ground-breaking research in automation and integration technology and has a profound understanding of the dynamics at play in these markets. He has advised hundreds of organisations worldwide, including Global 2000s, on how to strategically leverage integration and automation technology to support their digital transformation plans effectively and efficiently.

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