New Modes of Working – The impacts on teams, leaders and people | Tuesday, 7th December | Virtual
  • New Modes of Working - The impacts on teams, leaders and people

  • Tuesday, 7th December
  • Registration 12.25pm to 2pm
  • Location: Virtual
  • Registration Closed

Entering the pandemic era, companies had to quickly implement new ways of working, engaging and collaborating with employees and customers. Many IT projects have been brought forward or started at breakneck speed to ensure that organisations can continue to provide services and products to customers who have also had to adapt to changes in their own lives.
Finding ourselves in this new normal, we have the opportunity to look at the impact of these changes to modes of working, our approach to diversity and inclusion, the way we lead our teams and how we manage the tools required for hybrid working.
Learn how:

  • technology shapes the employee and customer experience
  • organisations can deliver Experience as a Service with the Microsoft stack
  • this period offers the opportunity to rethink our modes of working
  • the right tools can help address diversity and inclusion
  • how should leaders and organisations to adapt the new norm

Our Keynote Sessions

Dean Phillips, Principal Solution Architect - Modern Workplace, Advanced

How to delight employees and customers with the right tools

The past 18 months saw IT leaders pivot technology overnight to support employees and customers. Organisations had to respond to change fast, with considerations for technical debt and application sprawl put to one side. Being able to respond to change in the face of an emergency is key to surviving. But how do we move from survive through to thrive, realising the true benefits of change? Evangelist and Microsoft Workplace specialist, Dean Phillips, shares how to turn technology quick wins into future benefits. He will focus on the suite of Windows tools - Windows Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, highlighting how organisations can help employees get the most value from these applications.

Tori Berry, Head of Client Experience, Vanguard Asset Management

Diversity and inclusion in new modes of working

Drawing on her own experience changing roles in the middle of the pandemic, joining Vanguard from HSBC, Tori Berry will address how new ways of remote and hybrid working could support diversity and inclusion. Are HR and collaboration tools up to the challenge? Can we use technology to remove barriers to work and allow employees to choose working models that fit their lives? How can we manage our teams and make sure virtual members won’t get sidelined? Tori will share how CIOs and IT leaders could improve on the post-pandemic employee and client experience.

Rob Jones, Director, People, Organisations & Governance Advisory, Arup

Whatever your management style, communication and relationship with your teams will be at its centre. But as we enter into a new world where teams are increasingly distributed and our communications are increasingly filtered through different mediums and collaboration tools how best do we approach leading our teams.

Event Chair: Gabe Barrett, CEO and Founder, Otter Intelligence

Gabe Barrett is the CEO and Founder of Otter Intelligence, a workplace consultancy focused on helping leaders build high trust, high performance teams in the context of hybrid working. Irish by birth, American by education and a Londoner by choice, Gabe has built distributed Technology teams across the world in a broad variety of workplaces. A passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, Gabe believes the future of work is up for design so we should make it a good one.