CX and the evolving role of AI | Wednesday, 26th of April | Virtual
  • CX and the evolving role of AI

  • Wednesday, 26th of April
  • 12.55pm - 2.00pm
  • Location: Virtual
  • Registration Closed

Today, tech infrastructure is a key enabler of an organisation’s Customer Experience (CX) strategy. It is also widely acknowledged that all staff play a role in supporting customers at every step of their journey. But how are key stakeholders, if any, helping CIOs drive the digital evolution of CX? 

Join us as we review the latest research looking at attitudes towards CX, the perceptions of new AI / ML technologies and the potential impact on customers, staff and business. 

  • How do attitudes in your organisation compare when it comes to CX? 
  • Where are organisations on the CX journey? 
  • How well informed on CX developments are different stakeholders? 
  • How do CIOs see CX changing and AI/ML automation fitting into CX? 

Our Expert

Eduardo Tarasca, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing and Verticals at 8x8

Eduardo is a senior director at 8x8 where he leads solutions marketing and verticals. His role is focused on creating compelling value propositions targeted at key decision makers in specific industries.   Before joining 8x8, Eduoardo worked across several NTT business units for 8+ years and held various senior marketing positions focusing on analyst relations, market intelligence, digital and product marketing. He is fluent in French and Italian and holds a master’s degree in social sciences from the University of Brussels. 

Event Chair: David Venter, D&I Associates Ltd

David has worked across multiple global industries including Consumer Products, Financial Banking, Retail, IT Consultancy and most recently in Lifesciences/Healthcare. With over 30 years experience leading Tech Products and Services including one of the largest SAP single instance deployments across 80+ countries, David has recently led the full divisional demerger of the Consumer Healthcare for GSK. This included all aspects of Technology across Infrastructure (using a cloud first strategy), Cyber, Applications, Data (structured and unstructured) and Contracts, plus the full spectrum of Business Process separation for a £10bn revenue Corporation across 80+ countries, 24 manufacturing sites, and 3 R&D facilities.