Making home-based operations work for your business | Thursday 14th May 2020 | Virtual - Midlands
  • Making home-based operations work for your business

  • Thursday 14th May 2020
  • Registration: 12:25 - Close 14:00
  • Location: Virtual - Midlands
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Enabling employees to work smarter, anywhere, anytime is the new paradigm driving the workplace environment. While tools are aplenty, the question now remains: ‘What does the user need to be more productive?

Taking into account the applications, data, devices, security and speed – we need to understand what the end goal is. Putting the user at the heart of the workplace, we’ll determine the environment CIOs should create to ensure tech is enabling people rather than hindering their progress.

Victoria Higgin, CIO, Highways England

Thinking on Your Feet - Making Rapid Operational Change

To reflect on and discuss the work, we have all needed to do to enable us to work remotely on mass. We have had to bring our Business Continuity Plans to life, and in some cases, challenge the norms and pivot thinking on what can really be done at home. Vicky is the CIO working at Highways England. ‘Connecting the Country’ is Highways England’s mission, the work we have done through COVID-19 has ensured this has remained true. Vicky has over 20 years’ experience in working in mission critical organisations, where Business Continuity Planning and Risk management is considered a priority.

Sunny Dhami, Senior Director, EMEA Product Marketing & GTM, RingCentral

Making working from home work for your business

The conversation around remote working has reached fever pitch. With so many businesses having to tell their employees to work from home, many people are adopting remote working for the first time. Fortunately, today’s technology helps make remote working a viable reality for many companies, so in theory the transition could be seamless. This presentation will discuss the ways in which leaders are dealing with the current situation they are faced with globally, and how they are empowering their teams to be functional wherever they are located.

Simon Nichols , Director of Wellbeing, Thrive: A Mental Health and Wellbeing company

Managing your Mental Health whilst at home

We all have Mental Health. We are all aware that Stress and Anxiety play a large part in influencing our Mental Wellbeing and by gaining Mental Strength, we can start to recognise signs and symptoms in ourselves before they become an issue and we have to seek outside help. The Country now seems to be working from home, and that starts to bring even more mental health challenges, not only in yourself, but your family and your employees. How do you start to look after your own wellbeing as well as being aware of your team’s ability to cope? We will look at ways of reducing your mental stress and anxiety as well as building on techniques and helpful hints to ensure working from home shouldn’t be adding to your team’s pressures. After spending 26 years in the corporate IT Sales and marketing space, Simon realised his passion was helping others to manage their Mental Health better and to help recognise poor mental health in others. Using the skills gained during his time at the large multi-nationals in senior management positions, Simon has a unique insight into the ways organisations and management treat Mental Ill health and now helps corporations realise their corporate and social responsibilities and encourage all of their employees to embrace good mental health working practices.

Event Chair: Dee Samra, European IT Director, Liberty Global