• Business Transformation - from IT project transition to modern delivery management

  • Wednesday, 10th June 2020
  • 12:55 - 14:00
  • Location: Virtual
  • Registration Closed

Digital Transformation is all about leveraging technology to meet business needs. But building the technology is only the first hurdle. How to transition the IT project in the first place; and when the project is up and running, how to set the right goals for development with modern outcomes in mind; are essential for success.

This digital boardroom will cover:

• How to arrange a knowledge transfer?
• How to outline responsibilities and governance?
• How to measure project’s velocity and quality once the project is ongoing?
• What to focus on when setting up goals and milestones?

Alasdair Thompson, Head of UK Delivery Centre, BAE Systems

How does the traditional Velocity v Quality debate evolve in the modern Software Delivery world?

A balance between Delivery Velocity and Quality has always been critical to Software Development.  However, how do we develop our measurement of Velocity in a DevOps world where one team is balancing supporting live service with new feature development?  In an environment where rapid and frequent releases is not only possible but encouraged, does Quality matter as much as it used to?

Karolina Trzcionka, Delivery Manager, Future Processing

IT project transition. How to move a responsibility for the IT project between companies?

Preparing an IT project transition plan is a tough nut to crack. Outlining this process is crucial from the delivery perspective and it must be done right first time. In this piece we will cover how to move responsibility for IT projects between companies, how to manage knowledge transfer, how to map responsibilities and mitigate most common risks.

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