• Accelerating digital initiatives to support a hybrid workforce

  • Thursday, 8th July
  • Registration: 12:55 - Close 2pm (BST)
  • Location: Midland's Region - Virtual
  • Attendee Registration

“Through 2024, around 30% of all employees working remotely will permanently work at home.”

This is just one example of the impact the last 12 months have had and will continue to have on our working lives. How should organisations respond to this shift in remote working and what impact has this had on the services CIOs and IT leaders offer employees?

Our Keynote Speakers

Paul Dove, Services Business Development, SCC UK

In this session, leading SCC evangelist, Paul Dove, will discuss how SCC partners with its customers to accelerate digital initiatives to support hybrid workforces. He shares what they’re doing to improve operational excellence and drive higher levels of cost optimisation. Join this session to learn more about:

  • workforce and systems security
  • the applications SCC will use
  • the devices they plan to embed
  • connecting to these applications
  • the location from which services are provided
  • the support services required to adopt this new working culture

Michael Clifford, Infrastructure and Service Delivery Director, Co-operative Group

Event Chair: Victoria Higgin, CIO, Highways England

Vicky is the CIO working at Highways England. ‘Connecting the Country’ is Highways England’s mission, the work we have done through COVID-19 has ensured this has remained true. Vicky has over 20 years’ experience in working in mission critical organisations, where Business Continuity Planning and Risk management is considered a priority.

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