Epicenter: A New Technical Webseries | 10th Magnitude

Epicenter: A New Technical Webseries | 10th Magnitude

We are incredibly happy to announce a new webseries from 10th Magnitude! Joining “The Manhattans Project,” our casual cloud discussion series, “Epicenter” is a new video series that will offer more technical and instructional content. Epicenter will include tutorials and demos, webinar-style presentations, and technical deep dives from special guests and our own cloud technology experts

In our first episode, Mitesh Patekar, one of our Cloud Application Development Consultants, demos Azure IoT Hub and Stream Analytics for the Chicago Azure + Microsoft Tech Meetup group. Mitesh goes from an overview of the Internet of Things to a hands-on walkthrough of setting up IoT Hub and Stream Analytics, including tips on troubleshooting and feeding output data directly into Power BI for reporting.

If you want to get started with IoT Hub and Stream Analytics but feel like you need some extra help, Mitesh is here to help!

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