Enabling New Workstyles: Transforming Work in the Digital Age

Enabling New Workstyles: Transforming Work in the Digital Age

Over the past decade, many of us have experienced a transition where ‘work’ has become a thing we do rather than a place we go. We work different hours and across different devices and we are fundamentally more mobile and collaborative. But that change means we need tools to keep our innovation flowing and out precious knowledge secure.

The web, smartphones, tablets and programs for sharing knowledge and connecting to partners and customers mean that fewer of us are deskbound. And with cloud content management we have a way to safely create, edit, save and share our work and thoughts wherever we go.

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  • Enabling a Disruptive Business Model – 6th June 2017

    Register for Tuesday 6th June – 3pm BST

    Stuart Gammon (Regional VP – Northern Europe for Box) will be discussing how key trends such as mobile ubiquity, the networked economy, and infinite commuting have led to the inevitable conclusion that all companies must become digital companies. The success of market disruptors such as Netflix, Spotify, and Deliveroo are undeniable. But most large incumbent organisations tend to attribute that success to the digital application or experience created by that company. Is the answer really so simple- just create an app? This session will discuss the critical elements to enabling a disruptive business model that helps us to re-imagine the way we work and the experience we provide.

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