Digital Transformation Survey: How digitally enabled are our CIOs?

In the soon to be release copy of the CIO WaterCoolers’ Digital Transformation Survey 2016, we’ve been asking CIOs their views on how important digital transformation is to their organisations.

To establish how ‘digitally enabled’ their organisation currently, we asked if they agreed or disagreed with the following statements.


Changes can be quickly implemented and adopted for people, processes, tools modificationsChart1DigitallyEnabled

Your company is enjoying new business development and the development of new changesNewBusschart1

The time required to market solutions is relatively shortTimrequired2

Highly customised solutions are offered to customersNewBusschart1

There is good communication flow in house: an interconnected organisation, with shareable data and tools aligned across departments or business unitsCustomised

Employees are empowered to quickly take action and improve the customer’s experienceEmployeesCHart

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