Digital Transformation and Jettisoning the Baggage

Digital Transformation and Jettisoning the Baggage

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  1. Developing and implementing an OILS (optimized information logistics systems) for managing the real-time lifecycle of data from collection to archival
  2. Achieving real-time business operational tempos to respond to digital interactions and user expectations
  3. Implementing intelligent process automation using artificial intelligence and machine learning to augment human thinking and work
  4. Ensuring shared situational awareness through the use of collaboration platforms
  5. Utilizing real-time contextually relevant data to personalize digital experiences

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  1. Kevin
    I like the perspective you provide concerning the potential to increase revenue and the need to act. Having experience building a digital team and strategy within a large multi-national one of the biggest challenges beyond dumping the heavy baggage is addressing the culture change. You have a couple of them highlighted in your numbered points specifically #2. Changing an organization to move fast and make the customer experience the priority can be an uphill battle. I have moved into a digital consulting role and in my view the simple way to see this change is that for the first time ever technology is not following business requirements the business is following the technology. I think some companies and industries will adapt but I think some are just putting on window dressing and cannot re-invent themselves due to the same reasons companies always fail being leadership and culture.

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