Dell Boomi finds a workflow fit with ManyWho

Dell Boomi finds a workflow fit with ManyWho

With its acquisition of ManyWho, Dell Boomi is moving up the stack – adding workflow automation to its existing visual app integration capabilities. But there’s more.

Dell Boomi – the independent vendor-to-beat in the integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) space – announced yesterday it has acquired ManyWho, a small provider of a cloud-based, low-code workflow application development platform. Boomi confirmed it’s retaining all ManyWho staff and operations, and this is a very good thing. ManyWho might be a relatively early-stage company with a relatively small number of customers, but it has serious pedigree – founders Steve Wood and Dave Norris previously founded Informavores, bought by Salesforce in 2009 (now powering Salesforce Visual Workflow).

[NOTE: You can read our report on ManyWho to find out more. We’ve opened it up from our premium content store for 30 days to make it easier].

ManyWho’s platform and tools genuinely stand out – for many reasons, but here are three:

  • ManyWho implements a fresh approach to the concepts of workflow and task management, based around a hybrid of designed-up-front flow models and collaborative working.
  • Although there are very easy-to-use graphical application design tools included, the platform also makes it easy to orchestrate and design applications through its APIs. This is a platform designed to be embedded by licensors as well as used directly by customers’ own staff.
  • The full platform runtime can be compressed to around 2Mb, and run on a phone – so genuine offline task working is possible in mobile working situations.

ManyWho has had long-term integration links with Boomi and its platform was designed from the outset with openness and extensibility in mind, so technically Boomi and ManyWho are easy to combine. Existing Boomi customers can take advantage of the two platforms in combination right now, and Boomi’s longstanding focus on the embeddability and packaging of its tools for others to license means ManyWho is a particularly good fit.

I’m really interested to see what Boomi does next with ManyWho. Cloud-based, easy-to-use tools and platforms are really reshaping the markets for application / data integration and business process automation capabilities; architects and longstanding enterprise platform vendors alike need to keep a very close eye on what’s happening.

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