Unravelling Hybrid Cloud Data, Analytics and Compliance Challenges

Alastair Rennie, Interim CIO at Research Data Scotland | Alex Sizeland, EMEA Cloud Technologist Global Alliances at Dell Technologies | Ant Phillips, CTO at D4t4 Solutions

Beyond the move to the cloud, the seminal shift of the last 18 months was organisations doing more with their data. IT leaders want to do real-time activation, use Amazon Kinesis or Kafka Streams, build machine learning models. With data not only on-premise and in the cloud, but in multiple clouds, the complexity increases exponentially.

‘Particularly in hybrid environments we’re looking at real challenges,’ Alastair Rennie confirmed, ‘both technical as well as compliance and security challenges.’

Watch this Around the WaterCooler conversation for some practical cybersecurity advice from the trenches.

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