The meaning of ‘going to work’ has changed – so what happens now?

The meaning of ‘going to work’ has changed – so what happens now?

Brian Roche, Director of Information Technology at Belfast City Airport | Milan Topolic, Technology Innovation Manager at Coca-Cola Hellenic | Seamus McCorry, Regional Director NI at Virgin Media O2 Business 


The shift to hybrid working will remain a challenge for many organisations into the new year. Can we return to the office? What should we do with our offices? How can we make hybrid meetings work for everybody, keep a work culture and make sure people are engaged, happy and able to do their best work? 

This ‘Around the WaterCooler Discussion’ focuses on Northern Ireland, historically a skills hotspot for certain industries and a very outward-looking region, as reflected by the CIO panel guests Brian Roche and Milan Topolic, who work at Belfast City Airport and Coca-Cola Hellenic. Some roles in their organisations can be remote, but others have to be physical. 

While individual productivity has increased, the panel has noticed a drop in team productivity and innovation. ‘We do miss the chat around the watercooler, the coffee conversations that happened before and after meetings,’ Seamus McCorry remarked. 

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