Preparing for the post-pandemic hyper-collaborative office

Preparing for the post-pandemic hyper-collaborative office

Andre Simm, CIO, Voyage Care
Ian Golding, Interim CIO, Sthree plc
Anita Lettink, Strategic Advisor & Analyst,
Tom Worley, Head of Product Management, Virgin Media Business

The pandemic has forced companies to fundamentally rethink their approaches to remote working, with many organisations shifting away from big flagship offices to smaller regional hubs to support people locally, including home workers. Post-pandemic offices are becoming hyper-collaborative environments.

In this ‘Around the WaterCooler’ session hosted by David Savage enterprise CIOs from global STEM recruitment and staffing organisation Sthree and care provider Voyage Care share their insights and lessons from the last 18 months, how to create a new environment for the next 5 to 10 years where employees are motivated to be productive.

Strategic HR technology advisor Anita Lettink observed that many companies expanded on solutions that they were already using, but are not necessarily a good fit for working in the 2020s. Younger generations of employees are used to working with different types of solutions.

This session addresses questions that CIOs and IT leaders wrestle with. What to do with all the shadow IT and practices that have proliferated during the pandemic? How to integrate multiple different channels of communication? Do we have the right solutions for the longer term?