Mobile Working | UCaaS

Mobile Working | UCaaS

Sunny Dhami, Senior Director of Product Marketing, RingCentral

With 83% of companies have some sort of flexible or mobile working, Dave Savage sits down with leading UCaaS provider RingCentral’s Sunny Dhami to discuss the future of the sector.

1.33 - How is the UCaaS sector set to grow over the next few years?

Most of the businesses we work with have some form of flexible and mobile working I think mobile working for me isn't always being at home mobile working is having the ability to work from wherever you are so I think that growth is we expect it to be a little bit bigger I'd expect it to be in the sort of low-to-mid 90% there are some industries where mobile or flexible working just isn't feasible but in most other organizations there is some element of being a little bit flexible.

2.30 - Is it that organizations are holding back the potential of mobile workforces and what is the CIOs role in either enabling or possibly stopping organisations from having a flexible workforce?

I think the numbers low just because we've seen businesses go from sort of everybody fixed in an office and then about five or six years ago there are a number of businesses that went fully remote or gave everybody the ability to be wherever they wanted to be and a lot of offices actually cut down their office space to only host sort of 50/60 percent of employees and everybody else was remote so they never have a hundred percent attendees into the office I think people have shifted back and forth from that over time I would say the number so low now because most businesses have the capabilities or some form of support for that type of work and as I mentioned there will be some where it's just not feasible to be remote.

3.55 - In such a competitive market how important is R&D?

I think our focus on R&D is one of the things that keeps us as a market leader, we continuously invest between 15 and 20 percent of our revenues each year to R&D and that helps us to deliver four major releases each year so we are always constantly innovating. We're looking at new ways that we can improve that product but we're also looking at the ways in which people are working and how our product can support them.