Learning from Manchester’s Digital Growth

Learning from Manchester’s Digital Growth

Phil Swan, CIO, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Dave sits down with the CIO for Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Phil Swan, as they discuss the collaborative approach in which Greater Manchester tackles its challenges with tech. As Manchester continues to grow as a digital hub within the UK, becoming an attractive destination for many businesses, the comparison between Manchester and London inevitably crops up. No shortage of interesting observations follow, including how Northerners tend to favour cohesion, community and collaboration. Phil touches on the “Early Days” project which aims to better equip 0 – 5-year-olds for the first grade. Currently, 1 out of 3 kids is unprepared for early schooling. The project centres around co-designing a strategy with communities, parents, and organisations that will help Greater Manchester better prepare its children for school, with the help of technology and data.

2:54 - As the second largest digital economy as a city behind London, where do you see Manchester growing to and its strengths going forward?

8:31 - What can other in the north learn from Manchester but still keep their cultural identity?

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