Is your Cloud capability fit for purpose?

Is your Cloud capability fit for purpose?

James Kenny, Regional Director for Nutanix

David Savage sits down with James Kenny, Regional Director for Nutanix to explore how organisations are transforming their cloud capabilities. James highlights the economics – in terms of predictable and elastic workloads, where organisations can save by opting for on-prem vs public cloud. Nutanix are making strides by reducing complexity for their clients – leveraging software to combine server, network and storage in simpler formats. One size does not fit all and James goes on to highlight the plethora of service providers Nutanix supports.

On-prem vs public cloud – 00:01:23

The economics don’t always stack up for public cloud, particularly for predictable workloads. IDC say it’s about half the price to run your predictable workloads in your on prep data entry vs public cloud. Equally, it’s about quarter the price to run your elastic workloads in the public cloud. We look at where your workloads should run, we have tools to do that from a cost and compliance perspective. If it is on-prem, we give you a very easy to use, low-cost on prep set of tools to deliver your services

Reducing complexity – 00:02:51

If you look at legacy on-premise environment from many companies, it’s what we would call three-tier infrastructure – server, network, storage. Probably all different brands, networked together and someone to manage them, the installation, maintenance, migration, and upgrades. What we’re delivering is a software-defined system which essentially encapsulates all that capability in N86 servers – all that intelligence will enable us to share workloads and cluster out and scale-out – using software.

Multi-cloud world – 00:04:58

Nutanix adopts a multi-cloud approach itself, we use Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Service now – we’re in a multi-cloud world. The workloads we service can be any vertical, so long as they work in a virtual world they will fit on Nutanix. originally our workloads were virtual desktop, now more of our workloads are databases, SAP (we’re certified for SAP Hana), Oracle Rack – so it’s across all verticals and workloads.