How SMEs make hybrid working work

How SMEs make hybrid working work

Danette Copestake, IT Director Wyelands Bank | David Threlfall, CIO Britishvolt | Wynand Botes, Senior Product Manager Virgin Media O2

Remote working can drive faster decision-making, increase collaboration and help get more focused work done. 47% of business leaders saw an uplift in productivity in research highlighted by Wynand Botes of Virgin Media O2 in this insightful Around the WaterCooler conversation hosted by David Savage.

Savvy SMEs use it to gain a competitive advantage. As an electric vehicle battery manufacturing startup (2019), Britishvolt was born out of this new environment. ‘The barriers are no longer there,’ says David Threlfall. ‘We can bring in skills from anywhere in the world, to create skills in the UK in the areas we need them.’

Danette Copestake created secure digital workplaces at Wyelands Bank using Teams and other collaboration tools, enabled by a zero trust security model. ‘The concept of the workplace changed forever.’

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