Harnessing Emerging Tech

Harnessing Emerging Tech

Mark Madden, Digital Transformation Director UK, CGI

David speaks with Mark Madden, the Digital Transformation Director for CGI’s Emerging Tech Practice. The two speak about the areas of tech that are dominating the digital agenda in organisations. Mark sheds light on the type of organisations pursuing digital goals and highlights 5G as a game-changer imminently.

Current trends – 00:01:03

It would be some of the stalwarts of digital consulting, so helping clients plan their digital journey and provide a roadmap for strategic use of digital. Cybersecurity, we try to bake in cybersecurity to all we do because if it’s not completely secure you’re going to have issues down the line. Then in recent times, it’s been data analytics has come to the fore and the utilisation of data and how to get the most out of it – using data to inform strategic decisions is a lot easier now than it was a couple of years ago.

Who is transforming? – 00:02:03

Interestingly, because a lot of start-ups started 5 – 10 years ago, they are getting to the stage where they need that second round of transformation, even digital natives. Those large digital organisations started life in the late 90s and they have to constantly evolve. we have clients who say, ‘why’ do they need digital transformation, when they are digital and they’ve only ever been digital. It’s explained, they’re on their second or third iteration of it. It’s an ever-moving feast. We’ve recommended digital transformation to clients and they’ve say, ‘we’ve spent a couple of million on digital transformation five years ago, why do we need to do it again. Well think about the question and the answer because it’s never done.

5G is a game-changer – 00:03:06

5G is going to be the big catalyst and enabler for future emerging technologies. 5G is going to open up the ability to do so much more with virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality.