Emerging tech sector in Ukraine is open for business

Emerging tech sector in Ukraine is open for business

Konstantin Vasyuk, Executive Director | IT Ukraine Association

‘We have families to feed, a country to protect and an economy to rebuild’

Interview with Konstantin Vasyuk, Executive Director at IT Ukraine Association

In recent years Ukraine has developed into a major startup and nearshore development centre in Europe. Dave Savage (Tech Talks) spoke with Konstantin Vasyuk of the IT Ukraine Association that represents over one hundred companies and more than 75 thousand IT professionals in Ukraine. If somehow the fibre optic network goes down, Ukraine’s tech sector will stay in business thanks to Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites. Companies have relocated teams to relatively safe areas. Ukrainian tech companies were already diversified with developers based in other European countries and the US. ‘We have a manageable situation regarding our people, their safety, their connectivity and their productivity,’ Vasyuk assures.

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