Disrupting with Data

Disrupting with Data

Jasmit Sagoo, Head of Technology Europe, Veritas

This week David Savage speaks with Jasmit Sagoo, Head of Technology EU, at Veritas. Jasmit shares how Veritas is helping customers get the most from their data, as well as the trends in the data space and how organisations are transforming to disrupt with data.


What we understand from our customers, is that they are seeing a trend of increased use of machine learning algorithms, and that includes AI technologies to drive results. They’re becoming more data-driven and investing in things like machine learning to mine that data. In fact what we’re seeing is, just last year, almost 2500 patents in the area of machine learning.


If you focus on data growth, the top analysts are seeing tremendous growth in data. The top-tier enterprises that we’re seeing in the marketplace, the data is growing at 25% per annum. Before we go the route of managing that data from the machine learning analytics perspective, I think the biggest challenge is, how do we manage that data? How do they manage the data in their applications? These are bigger challenges.


The main trend we’re seeing is that organisations are trying to transform themselves, they’re trying to modernise the operation. They want to innovate and become disruptive. Taking all these data points and mapping their correlation and then taking those correlations and applying it to users, customers, behaviours. It’s allowing companies to create new business models, which helps them connect more with their customers, then leveraging the right tools like machine learning to create a whole ecosystem whereby their businesses become more digital. Why? They want to survive.