Culture | Investing in People

Culture | Investing in People

Mark Petty, Sales & Marketing Director, Littlefish (UK)

Dave Savage speaks with Mark Petty, Sales and Marketing Director from multi-award-winning Managed IT Services Provider, Littefish.  They talk about how investing in people is central to there success, the East Midlands is offering an environment for technology start ups and how the outsourcing market is being disrupted.

1.50 - How do you build a business that staff can buy into?

What we do is we invest heavily from the outset so we pay a little bit more than those who are based around us because we're in you know tech hub in Nottingham so we pay a little bit more money in terms of the culture you know it's about making certain that we allow our people to be the best that they can be so it's about investing in them not lip service genuine investment so everybody gets a once on every month everybody's part of a personal development plan we invest significant amounts of money in learning and development.

5.35 - How do you disrupt the market when competing against the larger outsourcing companies?

In fairness I think the markets starting to disrupt itself so nobody wants to continue on in these huge single source outsourced agreements for a number of reasons; one being cost, two being you know a lot of the monolithic sub over-promised and under-delivered and that's why I know the market, it started really in central government that's filtering through into local government but also now in private sectors it's that disaggregation of services so the market started to disrupt itself and then the way we've helped to disrupt that markets we are like fracking in the in the shale and the gases getting there and mixing it up a little bit he's to deliver exceptional levels of service in the areas of services part that desegregation that we're delivering, so they're a great example, we've got revenue goals we've got you know margin and he beat our Gold's brand number one organizational focus is to deliver a net promoter score of 80 which would put us somewhere in the region of the top half a percent globally in terms of service quality.