Creating a Loveable Workplace

Creating a Loveable Workplace

Joanna Drake, CIO, The Hut Group

Cynics and hardcore bottom-liners would agree that having a happy and engaged workforce is one of those pie in the sky concepts like successfully working from home or electric cars. Oh but wait, those concepts have been proven effective. Regardless of your point of view on the matter of “happy employees”, you should watch this interview with Joanna Drake, CIO for The Hut Group. Joanna believes people should love their work and she goes about this by getting them excited about the projects the business is planning, providing practical skills, enabling them to be effective, empowering them to provide ideas, equipping them to be great leaders, and promoting transparency.

1:56 - You believe everyone within the business should be a leader

3.19 - What do you do to make sure that the tools and techniques are there to help entrench the positive messages from you and your leadership team

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