CIO: The Architects of Positive Futures

CIO: The Architects of Positive Futures

Gunnar Menzel, CTIO Europe, Capgemini

Tech is the business, it’s no longer just a business enabler,” says Gunnar. This monumental shift is substantiated by the departure of the CIO agenda from pure shareholder value to more focus on sustainability, inclusion, and the environment. IT organisations have greater scope, to facilitate the emergence of a purpose economy vs a service economy. Thus, CIOs particularly in Europe are leading conversations around the social and economic impact of their organisations, setting goals that aim to offset the 3% of CO2 footprint attributed to global IT, while empowering and uplifting communities through social consciousness.

2:32 - How does the CIO build a more sustainable business practically?

5:01 - How robust is the culture of sustainability?

6:10 - Where do you see the role of CIO evolving too?

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