CFOs and Developers Key Stakeholders in Cloud Strategies

CFOs and Developers Key Stakeholders in Cloud Strategies

Stephen Gilderdale, Dell Technologies

In the current pandemic, many organisations are reassessing their needs, in some cases scaling back operations and cutting costs. It’s probably no surprise then, that CFOs are becoming increasingly involved with how businesses are leveraging cloud, as costs fluctuate. Another trend is the interest incoming developers are showing in the cloud strategy, as they express preferences and considerations regarding what kind of operating models they want to work within. David sits down with Senior Director for EMEA from Dell Technologies to chat about the trends he is seeing in the cloud market. Cloud will continue its maturity curve for the foreseeable future, and so it’s imperative for CXOs to be ahead of that curve, acquiring flexibility and agility for their organisations.

2:46 - Who is the chief decision maker when it comes to these investments?

4:21 - Is the market looking at cloud from a risk or opportunity perspective?

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