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CW Digest: Being a better (tech) leader in 2020

We’re all back in the swing of the new year. You may be doing things differently, better or just the same. We’ve asked two friends of the CIO WaterCooler, how they plan on being better leaders in 2020…

Opinion: How will you be a better CIO in 2020?

Joanna Drake, CIO, The Hut Group

“Focus on building the best team, support people to be the best they can be and have the best time doing it.”




Nicholas Woods, CIO, Manchester Airports Group

“Talk to the business on their terms in language that they understand. Too often IT leaders talk in technical jargon that the business can’t relate to. Think revenue, cost, risk, regulation and importantly customer experience; if you can talk in those terms you are on the right lines. ”

Podcast: Tech for mental health

Thankfully a spotlight has been shone on mental health. People are speaking about their experience with depression, anxiety and related mental health challenges. Organisations are coming out in support of mental health awareness.
One really does need to ask however, what is really being done?
Ketka is doing something, the start-up is doing its bit to lower the risk of teenage suicide.
Left: Click the image to hear this episode of Tech Talks.

CIO WaterCooler TV: Amey’s Group Tech Director on CIO Challenges & Opportunities

This week on CIO WaterCooler TV, David speaks with Phil Brown. He gives an honest view of the current challenges and his perspective on the solutions.
Phil focuses on the complexity of their organisation, the people and skills issues.
Sharing experiences is powerful and cathartic. Your challenges and how you’re overcoming them could be valuable for your peers.
Right: Click the icon to watch Phil Brown interview with David Savage.

Event: Join the Midlands Digital Leaders Group
30 January | Hyatt Regency Hotel Birmingham

CIO WaterCooler is about community. We realise that in communities, our members connect, share, learn and support each other.
Togetherness is valuable and we’re continuing to drive this agenda by developing regional hubs.

We’re proud to announce the formation of the Midlands Digital Leaders group. The very first meeting of the group takes place 30 January, alongside our FOCUS event ‘Collaboration & Communications Strategy’.
Come join us to gain perspective, new connections and community engagement.

Event: CIO WaterCooler LIVE Manchester
5 March | Manchester Hall

We all love a good LIVE event and no one knows how to get down to the nitty-gritty better than the North.
Speakers on the day include Joanna Drake, CIO, The Hut Group and Nicholas Woods, CIO, Manchester Airports Group. The chair, Executive Director at Tech Manchester – Patricia Keating takes us through a day filled with compelling content, quality networking, dynamic and interactive sessions. Join us for what promises to be yet another valuable LIVE Manchester.

We hope you find the content valuable. We’re always open to feedback, please let us know which stories and speakers you want to see more of.

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