COVID-19: The Technology and Business Response

COVID-19: The Technology and Business Response

With the onset of COVID-19, all businesses have had to react incredible quickly. IT leaders and their teams find themselves having to implement and enact changes within the business operation that had not until now been imagined. CIO WaterCooler Research wanted to quickly understand the depth of the challenges facing CIOs and other IT leaders.

By focusing on 4 areas; Business Continuity Planning, changes to the Technology Stack, the flexibility to remote working and view on the Government response.

With any rapidly changing situation its important to place the report in time and specifically the report looks at the state of play at the very beginning of the pandemic. The results were all gathered in mid-March over the period of 10 days as companies were reacting to lockdowns which at the time were being introduced.

Some of the findings were illuminating; only 45% had a pandemic response included in their BCP and even those who had it included in their plans the majority (75%) had to make changes to accommodate for the circumstances.  These included plans to move call centres to new buildings but not to a virtual call centre, for example.

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