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CIO WaterCooler Live! UK

CIO WaterCooler Live

Our most recent CIO WaterCooler Live event took place on the 28th September 2017

Event Chair: Christine Ashton, CDO in Residence, SAP

Christine AshtonChristine’s role at SAP builds on her years of experience as a senior executive in companies reliant on progressive business processes, and where data is a core business commodity.

Before her current role, she was Senior Vice President of Technology at Thomson Reuters and in this role, she was able to deliver digital programmes that enabled the business to scale and to integrate some 300 acquisitions. Digital transformation also extended to starting the journey to the cloud by transforming the engineering capability, technology and platforms delivering commercial data products and services.

Keynote Sessions:

Investing in the Future

Jacqueline de Rojas, President, TechUK

Invention is in our DNA.  Our collective opportunity is to harness the power of digital transformation to deliver an economy that works for everyone.

Technology is changing the world.  Ultimately it will have a much bigger impact on all out lives then the decision to leave the European Union.  Whilst we have to get Brexit right, we must not lose focus on the big global forces for change or lose faith in our ability to shape the future.

Jacqueline de Rojas

IT is dead, long live IT

Mark Aikman, Group CIO, The North of England P & I Associations

Mark Aikman

Leading CIO Mark Aikman debates the future of IT leadership. Join him in a thought provoking presentation and debate.

Rethinking and Rewiring Infosec

Jean-Christopher Gaillard, Founder, Corix Partners (xCSO, Rabobank)

A look back at the cyber security event of the year so far, what they can teach us from a management perspective, and how to build an effective and efficient cyber security practice for the current age, looking beyond the technology horizon, into strategy, governance, corporate culture and the real dynamics of transformation

JC Gaillard

Digital Transformation: one small step towards a giant leap

Justin Speake, CEO, Bloor Research

The world of business is changing at an ever-increasing rate driven by Globalization, ubiquitous and affordable Technology and Millennial thinking. Everyone talks about ‘Digital Transformation’ as taking you to a new nirvana but it is really just the first step in a philosophical change to becoming a Mutable business capable of almost instantaneously adapting to your environment of evolving risks and opportunities.

Using technology and digital business models every industry can and will be virtualized. This is not just about MIPS and Bytes in includes hard technologies like Rasberry Pi and 3D Printing but also scaled Business supply services like Alibaba’s manufacturing on demand and the Amazon store front.

Expert Contributor's Panel:

Rorie Devine

Rorie Devine

Chris Weston

Chris Weston

Alex Farr

Alex Farr

Nigel Willson

Nigel Willson

Hussein Badakchani

Hussein Badakhchani

Our Expert Contributors will be hosting an open and interactive panel session on how to increase your influence & personal brand. As more and more IT leaders are being tasked with being more visible and influential within their industries, this session will enable our attendees to circumnavigate what can be a thorn in many people's sides by allowing them to tap into wealth of knowledge and experience from those who have already trod that path.

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