CIO WaterCooler Live – London – 22nd Feb 2023 | CIO WaterCooler

CIO WaterCooler Live – London – 22nd Feb 2023

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What challenges and opportunities are CIOs facing now? How can we Modernise + Transform our organisations for the next five to ten years?

Leading CIOs will share how they have dealt with legacy and technical debt, cloud migrations and building the infrastructure to become a data-driven organisation. In a special break-out session we will explore with key players how healthcare and the public sector are modernising.

And we will have a more substantial look at digital transformation with the IT leaders who have been there and done that; transforming the customer experience and internal business processes, led by the business, not the latest tools and technologies. If we embrace Agile working, with multi-disciplined teams collaborating to a common goal, how will that change the role of the CIO?

"Attending events like CIO WaterCooler LIVE are super important as we try to accelerate our pace, because we can only learn so much ourselves, if we learn from each other, it'll help us go much faster..."

Jim DuBois, Former Global CIO, Microsoft Corporation

Keynote Speakers

Allan Cockriel, CIO GF, Shell

Allan Cockriel, Vice President and CIO Global Function & CISO for Shell

Alex Aryes

Alex Ayers, Director and Leading Evangelist, Gamma

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Daniel Healey, Head of Transformation Delivery for Three

Elizabeth Akorita

Elizabeth Akorita, Deputy Director, Digital Delivery Office, His Majesty's Government

Our Chair

Georgina Owens

Georgina Owens

Chief Technology Officer - Liberis

Breakout session speakers


Charlotte Baldwin

CIO, Costa Coffee

Mitch Krieger

Mitch Krieger,

Chief Medical Information Officer

Cleveland Clinic London


Konstantin Vasyuk

Konstantin Vasyuk

IT Ukraine Association

Pawel - FP

Pawel Pustelnik

Managing Director, Future Processing

Geoff Forsyth

Andy Rawll, Senior Product Marketing Manager, 8x8

Geoff Forsyth, CISO, PCI Pal

Erin Collins

Erin Collins

Global Head of ITSM, Valiantys

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Head shots (150 × 150 px) (18)

Peter Hammond, Client Technical Specialist & David Cremese, Principal Sales Manager, IBM

Skills Panel Session

Tracey Jessup

Tracey Jessup,

CTO, De Montfort University

Elizabeth Akorita

Elizabeth Akorita

Deputy DEDO, His Majesty's Governent

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Christine Ashton,

CIO, Suse

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David Venter

VP, Separation Programme Lead, GSK

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