CIO WaterCooler Live – London – 26 June 2024 | CIO WaterCooler

CIO WaterCooler Live – London – 26 June 2024

CIO WaterCooler LIVE - London 2024

The IT Leadership Challenge

CIOs are integral to a company's success, bridging the gap between technology and business strategy. They are expected to provide visionary leadership, manage resources effectively, drive innovation, and ensure that technology is a strategic enabler for the organization's growth and competitiveness.
Businesses have high expectations from their Chief Information Officers (CIOs) as they play a critical role in driving technology strategies, aligning IT with business goals, and ensuring that technology investments contribute to the organization's success.

Your Chair

Georgina Owens

Georgina Owens, Chief Technology Officer, William Hill

Georgina Owens is a C-suite executive leader who has built and scaled teams in both large and small organisations across multiple industry sectors. Holding a non-executive board position and several advisory roles she is active across a wide range of organisations providing strategic commercial and technology leadership based on constant value delivery.

A champion for the customer placing customer experience at the top of the agenda, always remembering who comes first. She enjoys her reputation for problem solving and tackling challenges at all levels in the organisations where she has led transformations delivering impactful results positively impacting the bottom line.


Embark on a transformative journey into the mind of a winning IT leader in these compelling keynote sessions. Drawing inspiration from the best practices of successful IT leaders, this presentation unveils the mindset and strategies that set them apart. Explore key principles such as strategic foresight, adaptability, and innovation, as we delve into real-world examples of triumph over challenges. Gain actionable insights that will empower you to cultivate a winning IT leaders' mindset, drive organizational success, and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Dax Grant, Forbes Technology Council

Dax Grant, Forbes Technology Council

A lead authority on entrepreneurial c-suite leadership within international and global organisations, Dax is a renowned Woman in Technology, recognised Keynote speaker and societal voice.

Listed within the Global CIO 100, Cranfield School of Management 100 Women to Watch, CREA Awards Winner, 100 Successful Women in Business and a Power list 100 Keynote speaker. Dax is also recognised as an invitation only member of the Forbes Technology Council. Dax has held a variety of influential CIO and COO positions including CIO, Global Operations, HSBC.

Headshot (245 x 245 px)

Mike Hill, CDIO, Cabinet Office

Mike joined the Civil Service in Jan 2020 as the Home Office Director for Police & Public Protection Technology (PPPT), responsible for the development, sustainment and running of national data systems (such as the police national computer) on behalf of police and public protection agencies. Prior to 2020 Mike had a background in the forces (joining as a Royal Signals apprentice in 1987); on leaving the forces in 2000, Mike took on roles as a programme director, account director and business leader for IT & Telecoms organisations such as Vodafone, Cisco, HP and BAE Systems.

Mike became the Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO) for the Cabinet Office in June 2022 and is responsible for all Digital, Data and Technology products and services that enable and transform the Cabinet Office.

Breakout sessions

Humanising Cyber Security
Mastering Generative AI: The golden circle of adoption
Leading Through AI: How IT Executives are Crafting the Future of Automation
Security in a cloud-native world: Tales of Trust and Zero Trust
Unveiling the Practical Applications of Copilot for Microsoft 365
Collaborative Frontiers: Fostering Corporate Innovation Through Startup Synergies
Digital Transformation
Talent Management
Legacy & Modernisation

Panel Discussions


Merchant Taylors' Hall, The City, London


26th June 2024

Arrival from: 8.30 am

Opening Session: 9.30 am

Final Session Ends: 4.30 pm

Followed by Networking and Drinks

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