CIO WaterCooler : CIOs need to learn more from each other

CIO WaterCooler : CIOs need to learn more from each other


In IT, the difference between success and failure can be marginal. Choosing the right approach, solution and implementation partner is of course vital but how to make that choice can often be both painstaking and time consuming.

This has never been more true than now, as companies increasingly rely on the IT function and technology to drive disruption. Working with the big players or speaking to the ‘leaders’ listed in an analyst report is a start, but the question is whether they can help you avoid the unseen pitfalls, when you are trying to achieve something truly innovative, is another matter.

One of things I’ve seen benefit IT leaders immensely is being able to learn from the experience’s of other CIOs. Individuals who have done it before; wished they’d done it differently; or, have examples of successful strategies that can be translated from one industry to another.

These valuable ‘nuggets’ of experience are why networking and sharing are at the centre of the CIO WaterCooler platform.

We have CIOs, Analysts and expert contributors discussing issues such as IT Leadership, Digital Transformation, Innovation and Disruption, IoT, Big Data and Analytics, Information Security, Cloud and many other topics.

If you’d like to hear the view of other IT leaders and have your say join us at the CIO WaterCooler.

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