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CIO WaterCooler – Advisory Boards

About the CIO WaterCooler 

The CIO WaterCooler is free, open and supportive social network for CIOs and leading technologists from around the world to come together, share their news, views, and discuss the challenges facing the industry. It features a rich collection of inspiring articles, blogs and ideas from IT/Tech or Digital leaders, analysts and service providers, with insights into the challenges and successes within the sector. We help our community raise their profile, share best practice as well as offering a single source to keep abreast of what is going on in the vendor / service provider marketplace. 

The Objectives of the CIO WaterCooler 

We believe that those in an ITTech or Digital leadership role can be more successful when investing time in developing a network of peers and experts. The CIO WaterCooler provides practical assistance and support in achieving these business, professional and appropriate charitable objectives. 

In addition, the CIO WaterCooler aims to provide introductions to those individuals and the tools to maintain those networks.

The Role of the Advisory Boards 

The CIO WaterCooler relies on our advisory boards to provide direction in terms of content and topics to better support the larger groups and community. 

Support can be provided in the following ways: 

  • Provide unbiased insights and ideas for future content and collaboration 
  • Encourage and support the exploration of new group ideas 
  • Act as a sounding board for the regional group 
  • Suggest ways that the CIO WaterCooler and its regional group can better support the community 

Engagement between the members and the advisory board and the CIO WaterCooler 

In addition to ad hoc discussions of topics, ideas and how best the CIO WaterCooler can provide support, the CIO WaterCooler where possible will hold a bi-annual meeting of the advisory board to review and discuss the support activities of the community. 


Leaders engaging with the CIO WaterCooler represent a diverse community representing a wide range of industries and regions.  To address this diversity of need, the CIO WaterCooler will have multiple advisory boards representing these groups. 

Each advisory board will consist of approximately 8 members, which we believe will provide enough diversity of thought to represent the larger regional community and allow the members to balance their involvement based on their availability and existing commitments.


All discussions within the advisory board will be conducted under Chatham House rules, whereas information disclosed can be shared but not attributed to the source, either explicitly or implicitly. 

It is a function of the advisory boards that topics and ideas, be shared by the CIO WaterCooler amongst other advisory boards and the wider community. It is important that advisory members feel free to share their experiences and involvement in past and future initiatives.