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CIO Marketing & Consultancy

Supercharge your growth and strategy with a CIO Advocate

Tap into the unique perspective of an experienced CIO to support your strategy and growth plans. Whether you require help ensuring your messaging resonates with your target market or a sounding board for an idea, contact us to learn how we can support you to achieve this.

Advocacy Power Blocks

Whether you need a sounding board for an idea, talk through a project or someone to support you with your outreach event programmes, our CIO Advocacy Power Blocks are the perfect flexible solution.

Procure a power block of time from a senior and experienced CIO to help support your success.

CIO Perspective

Tap into the unique perspective of an experienced CIO to ensure your messaging resonates with your target market. Our team of CIOs will help test and optimise your proposition and messaging from a buyers’ perspective.

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“We’ve worked with CIO WaterCooler on five projects comprising a research initiative, TV Interview and two Digital Boardroom events. We partnered with Dell Technologies on these initiatives and were delighted with the engagement and quality of the audience they were able to secure.”

VP Marketing, D4t4 Solutions

“Attending events like CIO WaterCooler LIVE are super important as we try to accelerate our pace, because we can only learn so much by ourselves. If we learn from each other it'll help us go much faster..."

Global CIO, Microsoft Corporation

It’s surprising how much CIOs have in common; finding a community like CIO WaterCooler you trust brings invaluable opportunities to share experiences and exchange knowledge.

CIO, Manchester Airports Group

"CIO WaterCooler delivered value across every aspect of cooperation around the LIVE event. They provided space for showcasing our experience, meeting peers in the industry, and as a result, winning new business. On top of that, the team is just fun to work with and very easy-going, which is the icing on the cake."

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