CIO Insight: An introduction to Digital Disruption

CIO Insight: An introduction to Digital Disruption

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  1. Alex,

    Great article!

    Had wanted to attend the Gartner symposium and really appreciate the insights & feedback.

    Personally, I would challenge the Bi-Modal IT concept. For me, digital requires a **multi-model approach**.

    I say “multi-model” purely because the business change and benefits realisation activities that are typically managed/led by business stakeholders should also be added into the mix to ensure that both Business and IT interests are combined to deliver sustainable digital transformation with the right representation & sponsorship.

    Additionally, if we focus purely on IT, the Open Group has an operating-model type framework for helping IT transform and manage its internal processes, priorities (e.g. Mode 1 and Mode 2 activities) and change initiatives necessary to keep it relevant, innovative and business focused. This framework is known as “IT4IT”.

    Should you require further information about IT4IT, let me know.

    Best regards,

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