The Business Case for Consuming Cloud Technology

Case Study: The Business Case for Consuming Cloud Technology

As the prevalence of technology grows across industries and around the world, how we consume IT is a focus and consideration for all organisations. Cloud Computing has risen in prominence as the umbrella concept for the different models through which companies can manage their IT, with a range of responsibilities outsourced. Gartner defines Cloud Computing as ‘a style of computing in which scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service using internet technologies’. Essentially, consuming Cloud technologies looks at outsourcing different elements of your IT management, with four
different options: On-premises with a Private Cloud or actually not consuming Cloud technology, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-aService (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
On-premises: Your internal teams manage everything, including servers, storage, networking and applications.

IaaS: Your provider manages the servers along with the backend, whilst you retain management of data and applications.

PaaS: You still handle your data and applications, but your provider now manages the servers, backend and operating system.

SaaS: This outsources the handling of almost everything to your provider.

You still need to configure things, maintaining a level of customisability, but the vast majority of your IT is moved to a Data Centre that you don’t have to run. Around these options, choosing between Public or Private Cloud environments must happen. Often, different environments are better for different applications and elements of your IT. This can create a Hybrid Cloud environment, with Public and Private Clouds utilised, perhaps alongside some in-house management as well. This document will explore Cloud technology, discussing the benefits and considerations, looking at how your end users can have their day-to-day bettered and what you should look for in a Cloud Services Provider.

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